Video Help

Please note that now supports most devices and web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera. If you are using an older version of these browsers we recommend that you upgrade to a recent version. This website has also been optimized for Apple iOS and some Android devices.

Q. What do I need to watch your live streams?

A. has been optimized to accommodate a greater number of browsers and devices which access our live video and on-demand content.

To view the live streams and on-demand video, you should have the latest version of your preferred web browser that supports HTML5 video.

Supported browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and up, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari, on desktop, as well as Safari, Chrome, and Dolphin, on Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone, and on most Android devices.

You can also access our live streams and on-demand videos from the CPAC TV 2 Go mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

**Please Note: Internet Explorer version 8 is no longer supported for on-demand video playback.

Q. I can view videos on, but I cannot download them to my computer. Do you have a download URL?

A. CPAC videos are encoded for streaming only and are currently not downloadable.

Q. Is there any way to listen live, without the video?

A. At this time, all of our streams contain video and audio. Some programs are available as audio Podcasts. We do not have immediate plans for audio only streaming.

If you are still unable to solve the problem you're experiencing with CPAC's video, please fill out the following form to contact our web team.

Our website uses JWPlayer to deliver live streams and video-on-demand content. The following Keyboard Shortcuts are available with the video player.

Space Pause or Play Video
Enter Select the currently focused item. When nothing is in focus, this key pauses or plays the video.
Down and Up Arrows Increase or decrease volume by 10%
Left and Right Arrows Seek Forward or Backward by 5 seconds
0-9 Fast Seek to x% of the video
c Toggle captions off, on, or cycle through the available tracks
f Enter or exit full screen
m Mute or unmute video volume